I I’m a research scientist at Facebook’s Applied Machine Learning team, working on a bunch of things for improving Facebook, Messenger, and more.

Before Facebook I was in the speech team at Microsoft and I worked on machine learning and data mining applications to Automatic Speech Recognition and Spoken Language Understanding. Massively parallel data processing, large scale text mining from web crawl or user query logs for statistical semantics, personalization or contextualization of language models, and things like that… (see papers)

Prior to joining the speech team at Microsoft, I was in the Bing whole page relevance team, working on the search result summaries. Before that I was a scientist at Yahoo! Labs (2008-2011), working on search ranking, autosuggest and related queries. Even before that I was at grad school, at the Oregon Graduate Institute (2004-2008). In 2007, I spent 6 months at Intel for an extended internship, working on a smart in-home healthcare project in Intel Digital Health group.

I do my best for academic services. I am an Associate Editor of IEEE Trans. on Neural Networks. I served as a program committee member or session chair for many conferences (WWW, NIPS, KDD, WSDM, ICASSP, MSLP, EMBC, …). I’ve been a reviewer to the following journals (and probably some more that I forgot): IEEE Trans. on Image Processing, Trans. on Signal Processing, Trans. on Neural Networks, Signal Processing Letters, Trans. on Biomedical Engineering, IET Signal Processing, SPIE Journal of Electronic Imaging, Journal of VLSI Signal Processing, Signal Processing, Neurocomputing, Pattern Recognition Letters, …